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Oh man, I can’t stop listening to the Irish folk song on the site.

oh my god waaaant

5 April 2014 ♥ 9097
hello, märchen maiden!


I’m finally feeling a spark in my soul and ideas are pouring out like a waterfall, making accessories again reminded me of what I love and where I want to go. I’m the sort of person who needs physical existence to feel accomplished, so while conceptualizing for a brand is fun, I needed the reminder that my real passion was in the production and perfection of a product.

I will start selling under Märchen Maiden! I hope you’re as excited as I am, small steps are still steps. (´∇ノ`*)ノ

I’m a stickler for professional products*, which means I’d need to to order custom garment labels (fancy) and renovate my storenvy/tumblr, so I won’t be selling for at least another 3 weeks minimum. I never put two and two together, so it never really occurred that I could start even smaller than clothes. I’ve been so focused on big clothes that I’ve neglected all the small things that I did on the side.

professional products*
By my personal definition, it means everything is cleaned and finished and properly sewn together and if a hot glue gun was used nobody better be able to tell. The inside has to be as attractive as the outside, and goddamn will I spend the extra time and $$$ for superior materials and construction.

And hot glue is a point of shame for me, especially if it’s something I could properly sew together. (・∀・)

:D :D :D :D

So excited to see what you come out with! (I hope there will be some green things at some point in the future! XD)

31 March 2014 ♥ 15




BTSSB, Takasaki- 2005.

oh how times have changed..


They totally had bathing suits in a couple of prints! Of course you’d be hard pressed to find them these days, especially unworn, because used bathing suits are icky.

Ngl, I think that top right outfit is cute as hell.

28 March 2014 ♥ 1020



ok, I really love the lolita style

but the more and more I look at it, it seems a big part of it is emphasis on accumulation of things. rooms full of clothes, boxes upon boxes of accessories.

I mean the look is wonderful but

can someone talk to me about this?

I totally get what you’re saying, and I’m here to say that it’s not that exactly.

While yeah, if you wear the fashion more than semifrequently it’s cool to have a bunch of accessories like jewelry and socks/tights and shoes and headwear to change up an outfit so that it’s always the same. There’s a big thing about the lolita community that I haven’t quite understood for quite some time either, despite being in it for years: why do we always feel the need to change things in our outfits? Like it’s a status symbol to have all this stuff and never wear the same exact outfit twice, I get it. But for beginner lolitas, it’s near impossible. It’s odd. Nobody really talks about it at length, I don’t think.

But while it’s nice to have oodles of caboodles full of accessories, they’re not always needed. A lot of the accessorizing craze has only happened in the past few years, with the advent of over the top sweet lolita, which is a pretty fun exercise in “how many accessories do I have that match this print, and will they all fit on my wig?” But in styles like oldschool - which is simple because it’s emulating the lolita style before all these substyles surfaced - and classic, which is pretty often understated (but it can be OTT too), you don’t feel the need to have as many multicolored clips and rings and stuff that you might in the sweet field, given the turn the fashion’s taken.

You certainly wouldn’t be ostracized for maintaining a wardrobe with only a few really versatile accessories. Heck, there’s a lot of “normal” accessories that go really well with lolita too, like headbands and pearl necklaces and metal jewelry. It’s just the same as saying, “You know what? I won’t wear this often, so I’m going to limit myself to a basic wardrobe.” You know, like two or three blouses, a couple skirts, a JSK and an OP, which covers all your bases. (Plus shoes - preferably ones that are offbrand because they’re easy to mix in with your other formalwear, like mary janes or timeless pumps.)

…this turned into a novel. lol

I’m brushing off the dust on this account to agree with Kitty here.

For some who really, REALLY focus in on accessorizing and going over the top, it can take over everything; then you also have “lifestyle lolitas” who seek to incorporate the aesthetics of the style into every aspect of their decor, sometimes including using their dresses and things as wall decor when not being worn. It can feel incredibly overwhelming, especially when you see wardrobe posts FULL of pieces and you’re just “how on earth does on person wear all of that.”

Not every lolita focuses on this. Hell, I’m a dabbler in lolita- I now have one JSK, two skirts, and a petticoat, with everything else being loliable (as in, not specifically lolita but it fits in with the aesthetics- like I have heeled oxford shoes I can wear with business attire but also look hella cute paired with my skirts and so on). 

The style’s what you make of it. You’re no less of a lolita/dabbler in the fashion if you choose to avoid the piles upon piles of things and instead focus on making a wardrobe of versatile pieces you really adore and can combine in ways you love (or even just put together one or two coords you can don when you want to dress up, go to a meet-up, whatever!). You’re probably seeing a LOT of that right now though because OTT is very popular, or at least popular with the more prolific bloggers/tumblr-ers out there.

25 March 2014 ♥ 29


We are pleased to announce the pre-order of the BLUE and BLACK colourways for the Nightmare Rising series!

Dresses are available in sizes 6AUS through 16AUS (please see sizing chart below).

The pre-order will open Thursday, 10th of October, 2013 at 11AM Australian Eastern Time and run until Sunday, 3rd of November, 2013 at 5PM Australian Eastern Time

The cost for each dress is 75AUD/75USD (equivalent to 79.5AUD). 

This includes the cost of shipping from our distribution points within to customers within the US and Australia! For other shipping destinations, please request a quote.

European orders are being handled by Ergi. Details can be found on their Facebook page here: 

For this pre-order only, customers will receive 25% off and free shipping! After pre-order, dresses will cost 100AUD/100USD. Direct purchase will be available starting next month. 

Shipping within Australia is via Couriers Please. Shipping within the US is via USPS. For other shipping information, please enquire.

A Sydney pick-up will be available for locals, as RAD will be hosting a Group Order for the area! All other orders will ship from distribution points in Australia, the US or Sweden.

In order to place your pre-order request, please fill out this form and email it to kate@rouge-aerie.com. Dress purchases will be invoiced via PayPal in the order they are received.

Contact email:
PayPal email: (if different)
Colourway: (blue or black)
Size: (6-16)
Other notes: In-person pick up?

Expand above image to view sizing chart.

Modesty panel and necktie are both detachable. 
Dress is un-lined, but collar and armscythes are faced.
Dress is 100% cotton twill with 100% polyester ribbon.
Lace at hem is subject to change.

If you have further questions, please feel free to enquire via PM here on Tumblr or at our Facebook page.

This doesn’t come in green (yet, so I’m led to believe, so fingers crossed for that!) but I cannot get over how much I love this print and the design (the back of that sailor collar!). <3

10 October 2013 ♥ 306


A Coordinate a Day - 18

  • Jsk - AatP, Wicked Queen’s Poison cellar
  • Blouse - Angelic Pretty, Whip show case
  • Hat - AatP
  • Bag, Otks - Btssb
  • Shoes - Innocent World
  • Necklace - off brand
7 October 2013 ♥ 572

So, do you guys recall wayway back when I had put my Innocent World Antique Tartan skirt up for sale because it didn’t fit? Well, it never sold, so on a lark I tried it on today after about a month’s worth of judo and healthy eating… and guess what fits and flatters me like a dream now? 8D

Now I have the fun task of figuring out how to style it, I’m so pleased oh my gosh.

7 October 2013 ♥ 2


BABY’S new print: Tea Time Nostalgia

shit i really love this, it has a cool dolly-kei vibe going on ;-;

I just made a strangled noise of pure want in the back of my throat.



BABY’S new print: Tea Time Nostalgia

shit i really love this, it has a cool dolly-kei vibe going on ;-;

I just made a strangled noise of pure want in the back of my throat.

7 October 2013 ♥ 378


Surface Spell- Vanilla Ice Cream High Waisted JSK

23 September 2013 ♥ 130