I do not think you understand just how PLEASED I am with this. <3 

I have absolutely no complaints. The print is beautiful and SO colorful (apologies for not only cell phone pictures but poor lighting- my roommate is asleep while I type this XD), the skirt is fully lined, the bows are two-ways so I can either use them as a hair accessory or add bow details to the skirt (so cute), the yellow ribbon belt is adorable. It’s actually slightly big on me, but that’s entirely my own fault of mis-measuring and the easiest fix in the world (it’s just a matter of pinning the bow on, actually), and with a petticoat on no one’s the wiser.

Manon did absolutely everything I asked and was a dream to work with. I’m completely pleased with the quality for what I paid and find her prices completely reasonable. I cannot stop staring at this print! I wish I’d sprung for a tote bag. XD I can’t wait to wear this to the lecture series my physics department is putting on, it’ll be absolutely perfect. When I first saw the pictures of this series coming out I momentarily wished I’d gotten the blue colorway- not so anymore. The multi colorway is perfection itself. If anything, I wish I’d been able to get all three colorways!

I’ll likely post a coord/worn shot tomorrow or Wednesday. This skirt will go perfectly with my Einstein t-shirt, a green cardigan, black glitter tights and my black heels. Cute and casual and oh so geeky, exactly what I wanted out of it. <3

I 100% recommend Strawberry Skies, could NOT be happier with this!

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