Okay, help me out here. XD 

I’m trying to decide between these two coordinates for my college’s formal. I’ll need to order what I don’t have probably tomorrow. For the first option, that means the headpiece, ring, and tights, for the second one the tights, hair wreath, necklace, and maybe shawl (not pictured, as I couldn’t find a good image). I’d have to use two places for the stuff for the second while the first is only one shop and I know it’d get here in time.

I’d love to have some lace tights, but I think I’m leaning towards the first simply because it’d be easier for me to do and, well, fun. (Note on the color of the dress: it actually is closer in color to the ring in that photo, it’s a much deeper green color than the stock photo makes it out to be).

So, opinions? (And please don’t mention the ‘YOU DON’T HAVE A BLOUSE!’ detail, I plan to wear this to a formal event and not announce myself as wearing lolita, although I’d just add a long sleeve blouse to either of these and remove the gloves and necklace for the first one and have a rule-friendly coord, I imagine. XD)