In kind of an off mood (I don’t even know why, I just feel slightly off!) so decided to try out a coord idea. Have some steampunk/military lolita! Apparently I didn’t bring my brown stompy boots with me, but my olive green ankle boots worked well enough. I feel like it definitely needs some kind of outerwear though, either a brown aviator jacket  of some sort to match the hat or a more Victorian-style olive bolero or jacket. A capelet might even work.

Also it tickles me how well my hair suits this kind of coord.

Outfit Rundown:

Hat, Goggles: Offbrand

Boots, Blouse: Modcloth

Skirt, Bow: Eat Me Ink Me

Socks: Target? Don’t recall where I got ‘em. 

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    Oh goodness, this is still making rounds! I have so many planned updates for this outfit, including a slew of...
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    I love that shirt! >w< Personally I don’t think the goggles/hat work that well with this design, the rest of the outfit...
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    I LOVE skirts like that with Steampunk Lolita (maybe this is more Dieselpunk Lolita due to the colours and the style of...
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