I got de-lazy and took some photos! XD 

Top Row: H&M Cardigan, $15 (plus shipping if not Otakon pick-up) OR I’d be willing to swap for a royal blue with white polka dots cardigan of similar value; IW Gretia JSK in Green, $150 (plus shipping if not Otakon pick-up), not open to trades for this at this time

Bottom Row: Pearl with Gold Bow Necklace, $8 (plus shipping if not Otakon pick-up), Alice in Wonderland Hatter Key Charm Necklace (charms are a heart, a top hat and a bottle that says ‘Drink Me’ hanging from a rhinestone key charm), $8 (plus shipping if not Otakon pick-up), Yellow Rose Stud Earrings, $8 (Not pictured as I did not bring them with me as, well, I never wear them!); Pink Wig, $25 (plus shipping if not Otakon pick-up); Royal Blue Belt with Silver Heart Clasp, $10 (plus shipping if not Otakon pick-up)

I’ll also be bringing a white and yellow lace parasol, which I’d like to either swap for a green lace one or to sell for $35. This is only available for pick-up as I’ll be damned if I know how to package a parasol! XD It too is back home, but I’ll have pictures up Thursday and people of course can stop by to admire it in person. ;D

While I’d prefer money, I’ll consider trades for everything save the IW Gretia JSK; that I REALLY want to sell rather than trade as I could definitely use the money! Otakon pick-up also takes priority as it’s so much less stress than packaging things. I’m also open to doing deals if you buy multiple small accessories!

Feel free to ask for more pictures (save for on the pink wig, that’s also back home, sorry!) and I look forward to seeing everyone at the swap meet! c:

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